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Speaker Committee

The committee has been inviting and consolidating an excellent speakers committee. The following are some selected experts. Please review our agenda for more up-to-date guest speakers.
  • Margaret A. Liu

    President, International Society for Vaccines, ProTherImmune & Foreign Adjunct Professor

    Karolinska Institute, Adjunct Full Professor, UCSF

  • Prof. Ken Ishii

    Director, Center for Vaccine and Adjuvant Research (CVAR)

    National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka

  • Prof. Honghai Wang

    Professor Director of Academic Committee of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Tuberculosis

    Vice Director of Institute of Genetics, Fudan University

  • Pele Chong

    Senior Vice President, Vaccine R&D

    United Biomedical Inc.

  • Bin Wang

    Director, National Engineering Lab of Therapeutic Vaccines,

    Distinguished Professor, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University

  • Günter Jagschies

    Senior Director Strategic Customer Relations

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences

  • Xuefeng Yu

    President and CEO


  • Jung Sun Yum

    Executive Director, R&D center

    CHA Vaccine Institute

  • Charles Sia

    Chief Technical Officer, Vaccine R&D


  • Ha Sha

    Director, Vaccine BioProcess R&D

    Merck & Co. USA

  • Tim Hirst

    Executive Chairman

    Gamma Vaccines (Australia)

  • John Wang

    Chief Executive Officer

    ImmuOn Therapeutics

  • Xia Jin

    Distinguished Professor and Principal Investigator

    Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Science

  • Sean Du

    Senior Director, Head of External R&D Asia-Pacific

    Sanofi Pasteur

  • Fengcai Zhu

    Vice Director, Professor

    Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Prevention and Control

  • Prof. Qinjian Zhao

    Distinguished Professor, Associate Dean of the School of Public Health

    Xiamen University

  • Prof. Yuhong Xu


    Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Teddy Choe

    President and Director

    Mogam Institute for Biomedical Research

  • Chris Ladd

    Senior Scientist

    ZeRun Biotech

  • Prof.Huimin Yan

    Director, Division of Viral Pathology, State Key Laboratory of Virology Wuhan Institute of Virology

    Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Juine-Ruey Chen

    Deputy Director,R&D Department

    AdImmune (Taiwan)

  • Sharon Chan

    Head of Asia

    Aeras Global

  • Prof. Wei Xu

    Professor, Institutes for Biology and Medical Sciences

    Soochow University

  • Prof. Rongxiu Li


    Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Dongming Zhou

    Professor, Dept.,Anti-infection Immunity and Vaccine Development

    Institut Pasteur of Shanghai

  • Michael Li

    President, Adjunct Professor

    Suzhou Meiji Pharmaceutical

  • Yen-Hung Chow

    Associate Principal Investigator, National Institutes of Infectious Disease and Vaccinology

    National Health Research Institutes Taiwan

  • Prof. Bingbing Sun

    Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology

    Dalian University of Technology

  • Daichang Yang


    Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology

  • Chao Zhang


    Shanghai ZeRun Biotech