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Program Overview

Vaccination has been one of the most cost-effective health interventions ever conceived and is also expanding into non-infectious diseases. As of 2015, the global vaccine market was valued at over USD 32.5 Billion. In parallel, the Asia Pacific region will also witness the fastest growth over the next five years, owning to the large population base with high-unmet clinical needs and the expansion of National Immunization Program and series of government support policies. Meanwhile as China gradually relaxes controls on the vaccine market, the private companies have emerged in extra EPI vaccine market segment with proprotion increasing constantly. It's expected that the China vaccine industry will see a paradigm shift from the former price-competition model to the technology-competition model with the increasing innovation in the private market, new vaccines that are not covered in China's EPI and those vaccines aimed at international markets.


2017 Speaker Committee

  • Margaret A. Liu

    President, International Society for Vaccines, ProTherImmune & Foreign Adjunct Professor
    Karolinska Institute, Adjunct Full Professor, UCSF
  • Prof. Ken Ishii

    Director, Center for Vaccine and Adjuvant Research (CVAR)
    National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka
  • Prof. Honghai Wang

    Professor Director of Academic Committee of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Tuberculosis
    Vice Director of Institute of Genetics, Fudan University
  • Pele Chong

    Senior Vice President, Vaccine R&D
    United Biomedical Inc.
  • Bin Wang

    Director, National Engineering Lab of Therapeutic Vaccines,
    Distinguished Professor, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University
  • Xuefeng Yu

    President and CEO
  • Jung Sun Yum

    Executive Director, R&D center
    CHA Vaccine Institute
  • Charles Sia

    Chief Technical Officer, Vaccine R&D

Program Key Discussions

Vaccine Industry and Product Development
Recent Trends and Development for Vaccine Industry
China/Asian Vaccine Industry Outlook and R&D Partnership
The Evolution of Regulatory System and Adherence to International Standards
New Technologies for Vaccine Research
Vaccine Adjuvant Technology and Therapeutic Vaccine Development
Viral Challenge Studies and Clinical Development
Novel Vaccine Delivery System, Formulation and Cold Chain Management

Vaccine Process Development and Manufacturing Excellence
Challenges and Trends in Vaccine Manufacturing
New/Alternative Manufacturing Platform for Vaccine Production
Current and Emerging Cell Culture Manufacturing Technologies for Vaccine Products
Single-use Systems, Multiple-Products Facility and Flexible Manufacturing
Analytical Characterization, Control and Purification Development
QbD, PAT and High-throughput Vaccine Process Development


Who should Attend

More than 200 Participants are expected to attend InnoVax Forum 2017,  The participants will mainly come from the Vaccine Manufacturers, Research Institutes and Academia Centers, Regulatory Agencies, Non-profit Organisations, Cutting-edge Technology, Products and Services Providers with the main responsibilities including but not limited to:

Executive and Scientific Managers
R&D Executives and Investigator
Process Development and Manufacturing
Analytical and Quality Control
Preclinical and Clinical Development
Regulatory and Scientific Review